Mellissa Riddle is an intrapreneur & advocate of social entrepreneurship,energy initiatives & the religious literacy project.

About Mellissa Riddle


In her early career, Mellissa Riddle launched a home goods brand out of Indonesia. She later went on to build a marketing consortium in Arizona and California, consulting within venture capital for a portfolio of startups as interim CMO. Mellissa exclusively joined one of the startups consulting through exit strategy, then returned to academia before joining the private fund where she hangs her hat today. 

Mellissa Riddle holds degrees in business administration and international relations, with minors in marketing, economics, and government. Mellissa also holds certificates in Six Sigma lean strategy, executive training in management & investments, and innovation & entrepreneurship.

Mellissa Riddle identifies as a global citizen; unconfined to a community, nation, or stereotype - put simply, human. Curious, kind, and flawed, making her way through this grand experience a few steps at a time, and often at a marathoners pace.


A creative hobbyist, Mellissa dabbles in production and supports the arts. 

Mellissa advocates for human rights and civil rights, social entrepreneur initiatives, the Harvard Religious literacy project (RLP), and the MIT Energy Initiative (MITei). 

For interests in religious literacy, visit Harvard RLP and Facebook.  Free lectures on this topic and others are available at edX

To learn more about the MIT Energy Initiative visit CANES

Mellissa believes that to replace war with peace, we must restore the notions of winning with creating (Galtung). Instead of focusing on winners and losers, we can become collaborators and creatives -  shaping a more just world. 

As an avid reader, Mellissa enjoys the works of Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz, Johan Galtung, Liu Xiaobo, Thomas Piketty, Andy Clark, and Kwame Anthony Appiah. Browse these authors at Goodreads.com

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