Harvard Religious Literacy Course at a Glance

Our contemporary global conflicts are often related to religion. However, few of us are equipped with the religious literacy to understand its complexities. 

The Harvard Religious Literacy course and the Religious Literacy Project (RLP), are the aim of Harvard professors Diane Moore and Ali Asani to challenge some of the most common assumptions made about religions and their texts. Texts heavily relied upon, but fail to meet the vast dimensions of religions in modernity. The objective of RLP is to strengthen our understanding of religion in contemporary contexts, and the role religion plays in our global conflicts. 

For more resources on this topic, visit the Religious Literacy Project and The Pluralism Project. 

Religious literacy webinars for educators are available through Harvard Divinity School. Sign up for the next webinar here. Online courses are available in six month long modules, and open to the public through edX. 

"I highly recommend the courses taught by Professors Ali Asani and Diane Moore. Their courses employ social studies to approach understanding religion in historical contexts and their roles in modern global conflicts. Religous literacy ought to be required curriculum in so far as it allows us to understand the depths of other cultures, and it raises awareness promoting coexistence." ~ Mellissa Riddle

Religion Profiles

buddhism (pdf)


christianity (pdf)


hinduism (pdf)


humanism (pdf)


islam (pdf)


judaism (pdf)



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